About Verify

Schrole Verify is a partnership between Schrole Group and First Advantage. It has been created in response to the recommendations made by the Council of International Schools and the International Taskforce for Child Protection, with the objective of setting a new global standard for background screening in the international schools sector. The partnership was formalised in Hong Kong on November 28, 2017; and the Verify product was launched in Bangkok on January 8, 2018.

The partnership merges the unique skills of Schrole as a provider of technology-based recruitment solutions to the international schools sector; and First Advantage as one of the world's largest providers of background screening. The product of this partnership - Schrole Verify, offers schools and candidates:

Importantly, by creating a global standard, the partnership will be able to consistently improve the Verify product based on feedback from an internationally diverse set of schools. This feedback providing the insights necessary to achieve the partnership's vision of preventing undesirable employees from maintaining a career in this critically important and highly sensitive industry.

A world of new employment opportunities.